Emmeline Hansen

Character Development

The Box: In this class we talked about how an individual could be in and out of the box. For an individual to be in the box, they will consider themselves as the person that’s always right. Never shall they be wrong and whatever another person says to them is automatically wrong. Of course they are going to put themselves before others. For an individual to be out of the box, they will consider themselves equals to other people. They have the ability to see what they could have done wrong in the situation. It is not always about them and they put others before they take care of their needs.

Virtue: My virtue I picked to improve on was forgiveness. It was hard trying to change my ways but I did my best. This assignment came from Benjamin Franklin and his many virtues. The virtue reflection at the bottom of the page goes more into depth on what I did and how it went.

This experience was interesting. At the beginning I felt like this class was just going to bore me to sleep; I won’t lie it did here and there.  There were some interesting concepts I got from the assignments we did. It is the kind of experience I would not like to do again, so I’m happy I can cross it off my list of things to do.

Time Management

One of our assignments was to watch Randy Pausch. This guy talked about how to manage our time better and how much time we can actually waste throughout the day. The assignment that went along with Randy Pausch was the Time Management and keeping a Weekly Time Plan. With the weekly time plan, we just had to keep track of what we did for a whole keep. I’ve noticed that most of my time is spend sleeping, working, being at school, and doing my homework.

I actually liked this part of the class. It was nice to step back and see where my time was being spent. This section also showed me that there are better ways to manage my free time and my work time.

Summer Semester 2011 

 Character Development

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Virtue Reflection.docx Virtue Reflection.docx
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 Time Management

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Time management.docx Time management.docx
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Other entire-Goals 

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