Emmeline Hansen

Notebook 2

5b. I went and talked to Sam about gender equality. I talked to her about gender equality in the work environment. We discussed there is still a discrepancy between how much a woman is getting paid compared to how much a man is getting paid for the same position. Men are still getting paid more than women are. As a society we are working on closing that gap. There are already big businesses that are changing their ways and paying men and women equal; such as Citi Bank. She knew in Iceland they have passed a law stating men and women will be paid equally starting this year. When will America get there? How do we get there without it taking several years? Women make up more than 50% of the population. How could we be discriminating against more than half of the population? In this generation we are moving away from the men being the bread winner of the household. There are many women that are now the bread winners of the household and still taking care of the children.

Notebook 3

5i. What is gender equality to  you? I asked this questions to my peers and they posted some pictures that represented what they thought was gender equality.

It was interesting on how many people felt with this topic. I thought I was only going to get a few responses, but the decision started to explode. Gender equality apparently is a sensitive topic for some, there were some heated discussion as well because people feel so passionately toward it.

Notebook 4

4g. Men's point of views is rarely heard or viewed when it comes to gender equality. It is almost always the women who are being heard and where feminist is portrayed differently. I found it interesting how some men can fully support equality between genders and then have other men speak against it. Having balance does not mean one gender is superior to the other or is correct over the other. It says the good and bad having equal rights and opportunities between those genders; men and women should be able to do anything the other can do. Men should not be criticized if they cry, because women are not criticized if they show emotions by crying. There are so many other examples to go over, but it made me step back and make sure my writing does not project that women are all mighty. Instead, while I am writing my papers, I am going to get the point across that just because I am a woman it does not mean I get fewer opportunities.

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