Emmeline Hansen

English 2010

This English course was different compared to my other courses. I really enjoyed how the assignments we did in class helped us in our lives. The assignments I chose to represent this course are the cover letter, personal statement, and the resume. These assignments will help me when I want to get another job.

First, a cover letter is what you will send with your resume to provide additional information on your experiences and skills. It provides the employer information on why you are qualified for the job you are trying to get. Really good cover letters will explain the reasons for your interests in that organization and it shows your most relevant experiences and skills.

Second, a personal statement will provide a picture of who you are as a person. It invites your employer to get to know you. The personal statement allows you to be creative and shows a meaningful self-reflection.

Third, a resume is a summary of your experiences and skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for. It also highlights your accomplishments. The purpose of a resume is to get you an interview.

Most college students have not had the chance to write resumes, cover letters, and personal statements. In this English course I got the chance to write and perfect all three of them. It really opened my eyes to what it takes to get the job you are applying for. It also taught me that if you summit the cover letter, resume, and personal statement you have a greater chance of getting the job.

2Personal statement.docx 2Personal statement.docx
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Cover letter2.docx Cover letter2.docx
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Emmeline Hansen resume 2.docx Emmeline Hansen resume 2.docx
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