Emmeline Hansen


The one and only Emmeline! 

I bet you this will be the only time you'll see me in a dress. 

About me. 

Hello, my name is Emmeline K. Hansen. I am at the interesting age of 19. I have wicked parents that are always helping me with anything and everything I strive for. Unfortunately I’m not the only child; I have two younger brothers, two older brothers, and an older sister. As you can see by my picture to the left I am Asian!! Yes, I am a proud Asian. I would consider myself to be a tomboy/a little of a girl. I am just not your average girl; there is always something about me that will surprise you.

I enjoy hitting the dirt with my dirt bike. I try my best to go as much as possible. I do go racing with my bike; no I am not a Supercross racer. I go racing out in the desert; there really isn't a track just open land to rip up. When I am down in Florida or in California, I love to go surfing. I have so many friends on both of the coasts and we always have fun hitting the beach.

I graduated from Murray High School in June 2011. Now I am attending the Salt Lake Community College to earn my degree in General Education. Once I graduate form SLCC I'm going to be heading up to the University of Utah to work on my Medical degree. I want to become a surgeon; yay blood and guts!!

As of now that is all I have to say about myself. Maybe you will be lucky enough to be a part of my journey to success.


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